Bilateral Symivposium Kyoto University-University of Mataram 2017



Bilateral Symposium on “Technology the Rules of Mathematics and Sciences for Sustainable Development “. The symposium is organized by 2 countries and 3 institutions, namely Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science Mataram Univ. INDONESIA ‐ Centre South East Asian Studies (CSEAS) ‐ Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyoto University , JAPAN. This activity follows up of the MOU which was held on February 26, 2017. This symposium will give the latest findings in the area related to Biology, Mathematics, Chemical, Physics and
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology. In addition, poster discussion will talk about current research trends and new research. This Symposium also can be bridging lecturers who will continue their Ph.D., research collaborations and student exchanges between three institutions

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