Bilateral Symposium Kyoto University-University of Mataram 2017


Bilateral Symposium on “Technology the Rules of Mathematics and Sciences for Sustainable Development “. The symposium is organized by 2 countries and 3 institutions, namely Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Mataram  INDONESIA ‐ Centre South East Asian Studies (CSEAS) ‐Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyoto University , JAPAN. This activity follows up of the MOU which was held on February 26, 2017. This symposium will give the latest findings in the area related to Biology, Mathematics, Chemical, Physics and
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology. In addition, poster discussion will talk about current research trends and new research. This Symposium also can be bridging lecturers who will continue their Ph.D.,research collaborations and student exchanges between three institutions.
1. Promotion of mutual understanding between Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University – Center for Southeast Asian
Studies, Kyoto University‐Mathematicas and Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Mataram Indonesia.
2. Make opportunities for 3 parties (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University; Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University; Mathematicas and Natural Sciences Faculty, University of ) to present their research topics in order for mutual  understanding and help young researchers to chose their target professors for their further studies.
3. Start mutual student exchanges between Mataram University and Kyoto University.
4. Open channels for academic staffs of University of Mataram  to study and get Ph.D. in Kyoto University.

The symposium covers the following topics but not limited to:
Bio‐pharmacy and biomedicine
Pharmaceutical Sciences &Technology
Plant and animal bioscience
Biodiversity and environmental biology
Microbiology and biotechnology
Physics, science and technology
Mathematics science and technology
Chemical Science and Technology
Bioorganic Chemistry

Participants of the seminar consisted of researchers, lectures and student from Math. Nat. Sci. Matram Univ. INDONESIA – CSEAS – Fac. Grad. Phar.Sci. Kyoto Univ. JAPAN.

1. Three researchers of CSEAS Kyoto Univ.
2. Three researchers of Fac. Grad. Sch. Phar. Sci.
Kyoto Univ.
3. Three researchers of i FMIP UNRAM.
We invite Researchers, lecturer and student of Fac.Math. Nat. Sci. Mataram Univ., CSEAS, Fac. Grad. Sch.Phar. Sc. Kyoto Univ. to present his/her research in the form of Poster. The poster applicant must included Extended Abstract and full paper. Full paper length maximum 6 pages. Full paper follows the format of “Preparing Manuscript in Ward Template and also see in Manuscript Sample. Dead line full Paper for poster submission: 6 September 2017. Paper will be published on Conference Proceedings AIP Publishing citation Scopus index.
Dead line of extended abstract for Poster
Submission: 6
th June 2017.
Dead line of field trip Submission: 5th June 2017.
Notification of Abstract Poster and Field trip:
three weeks after submission.
Symposium Date: 6th July 2017.
Field trip Date: 7th July 2017.
Dead line for full paper: 6th September 2017

The Committee will coordinate the Field trip for participants who are interested. Field trip destination are in :
1. Traditional rice and horticulture field in Labu Api.
2. Nursery and plantation gaharu trees in Sepakek Village Pringgarata, Centre Lombok.
3. Lunch in Rarang Resto & Jum’atan in Rarang Mosque.
4. Lombok Raya Botanical Garden in Lemor, East Lombok
The symposium will be conducted on Thursday, 6th July 2017 from 09:30 am to 16.45 pm WITA, at Conference Room FMIPA Unram Level III Jalan Majapahit No 62. Mataram, 83125.
On Friday 7th July 2017 from 08:00 am to 17.45 pm to 4 places and final destination at  Lombok Raya Botanical Garden in Lemor, East Lombok.

Prarticipants of the symposium will be facilitated: name tag, coffee, the, snack, lunch, transport field trip and proceeding will be on line and it can be download at Conference Proceedings AIP Publishing.

The symposium free for student, Lecture and Researchers of three parties institution: Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences Mataram University, CSEAS and The Faculty and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyoto University.

Kurnia Jaya Hotel: Phone: 62‐370634064; Email:
Lombok Garden: Phone: 62‐636015;

Send to Dr. Ernin Hidayati:

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and
Natural Sciences, Mataram. Jalan Majapahit no 62,
Mataram. Email:

Prof. Surya Hadi (Faculty of Mathematic and
Natural Science Mataram Univ. Indonesia).
Prof. Kono Yasuyuki (Centre South East Asian
Prof. Nakayama (Graduate School of
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyoto University)
Prof. Ito Michiho (Graduate School of
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyoto University)
Dr. Tri Mulyaningsih (Faculty of Mathematic and
Natural Science Mataram Univ. Indonesia).

Dr. Ernin Hidayati :
Mobile Phone: +62 8175745670